Election Coverage

NDP Has Challenges Cut Out for It

Egypt's parliamentary elections that ended on December 5 could be described as unprecedented not because the ruling National Democratic Party won the majority of votes and monopolized the chamber but

Mousa: I have not decided on presidency nomination as yet

Secretary General for the Arab League Amr Mousa asserted that to date he has not determined his intentions concerning his candidacy for the presidential bid scheduled for 2011in Egypt.

Judges Launch Petition Demanding Exemption from Supervising Upcoming Presidential Election

A number of judges on the sidelines of tertiary-term elections of the Judges Club, began a campaign to collect signatures on a memorandum calling for them to be exempted from

2010 Backtrack on Mubarak

A quick backtrack on Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak in 2010 reveals that it has been insightful though controversial.

Jordan: 70% of Winners Are First Time Parliamentarians Indicating a Frustrated Nation

According to political analysts around 70 per cent of the winners in Jordan's parliamentary elections on November 9 are first-time winners indicating that, the public is completely dissatisfied with the

Jordan’s MB ousts 4 members for breaching boycott

The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan the Islamic Action Front dismissed four of its members after they disregarded the decision to boycott the country's parliamentary elections scheduled for November 9.

Shia Group Holds Nearly Half the Seats in Round One of Bahrain Elections

Bahrain's first round of elections held on Saturday has resulted in Bahrain's main Shia opposition group securing 18 out of 40 seats in the country's parliamentary elections in what was

MB and Wafd Party asserts no deals made with government

Muslim Brotherhood MP Dr. Mohamed Elbeltagy has stressed that the MB is prepared to coordinate and cooperate with any true political opposition prepared to work for the wellbeingof the country.

Egypt: What Will Victory Cost NDP?

In a new article at Middle East Report and Information Project, Barnard College Professor Mona El-Ghobashy explains that recent protests in Egypt are a form social bargaining between the Egyptian

Jordanian Government Fights Calls to Boycott Elections

Attempting to head off a massive boycott of its upcoming parliamentary elections by Islamists, the Jordanian government is reportedly pursuing legal action against anyone inciting against casting a ballot.