Human Rights

Egypt’s Nile is a Red Line

 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) follows with great interest the consequences of the Renaissance Dam crisis whereas the Ethiopian government adopts a tough attitude regarding the life artery of Egypt and Sudan

MB Critcizes Media Coverage of President Morsi, Legal Adviser Leaked Recording

The Muslim Brotherhood denounces the lack of professionalism of certain news outlets regarding their recent coverage of an illegally leaked recording of a private conversation between President Mohamed Morsi and

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on ‘Friday of Anger’ Violent Attacks on Peaceful Protesters

Egypt’s pro-legitimacy coalition of groups and movements defending democracy condemn the latest wave of state-led violence and urges people to persist in week-long peaceful protests.

FJP’s Ashri: Shura Council Enjoys Immunity Under New National Charter

FJP assures that Egypt’s Constitutional Court cannot repeat the costly act of disbanding parliament by sacking the legislative Shura Council protected by the new Constitution.

Amnesty: Emergency Law Biggest Threat to Rights Since Resignation of Mubarak

The Egyptian military authorities’ expansion of the emergency law is the greatest erosion of human rights since the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak earlier this year, Amnesty International said today.

HRW: Retry or Free 12,000 After Unfair Military Trials In Egypt

(New York) – Since it took over patrolling the streets from the police on January 28, 2011, Egypt’s military has arrested almost 12,000 civilians and brought them before military tribunals,

Testimony of an Egyptian Citizen Sentenced to 3 Years In Military Jail

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information published the following testimony by an Egyptian citizen living in Germany who received military sentence of 3 years after raising a banner demanding

Egypt Rights Groups Accuse SCAF of Deliberate Smear Campaign

In a press conference Wednesday sponsored by 36 Egyptian human rights organizations at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, the NGO's announced their condemnation of the "very fierce campaign"

Human rights irony for the US and Arab world

Since September 11th, the United States and the Arab world have traveled a treacherous road together. Where they have arrived after ten years sets them apart. In the US, the