Islamic Movements

Sufis and Salafis Unappeased

During a conference held by the Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira in a bid for reconciliation between the Sufis and Salafis both failed to see eye to eye regarding the destruction

Experts: A change of heart among the Salafists in the aftermath of January 25

Salafists in numerous governorates in Egypt held conferences after the success of the January 25 revolution and chanted slogans like "Egypt is an Islamic state, not a civilian one”, referring

Islamic movements: the Jammat-e-Islami in India – an interview with Ejaz Ahmed Aslam

Ejaz Ahmed Aslam was born in Bangalore (Southern India) in 1943. He obtained an MA in English Literature from Bihar University.


On a clear day you can see Akka, Palestine from my favorite Lebanese village, Maron al Ras, where more than a few analysts here conjecture that the next and 6th

Muslim Brotherhood expert discusses Maghreb Salafism

Alaya Allani is a professor of contemporary history at the University of Manouba in Tunis and a specialist in political Islam.

POMED Notes: “Between Religion and Politics”

An event was held today at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace celebrating the release of the book “Between Religion and Politics”, coauthored by Amr Hamzawy and Nathan Brown.

Scaremongering Report About Islam Reveals Political Posturing

The authors of the report, none of whom are Muslim, include former US intelligence officials like Frank Gaffney, who famously (and wrongly) alleged that President Barack Obama could be Muslim.

The Islamist Response to Repression: Are Mainstream Islamist Groups Radicalizing?

Today, some of the Middle East’s most prominent Islamist groups are in a state of crisis, racked by internal divisions and struggling to respond to regime repression. With key U.S.

President Obama’s Islamist Opening in the Middle East

Increasingly rising Islamists forces have rejected terrorism and salafist doctrine but supported violence by Palestinians against Israel and Sunni resistance against Shiia militias and U.S. forces in Iraq.

Islamists in Bangladesh face constant suppression

Since its coming into power in early 2009, there have been numerous reports that the Awami League in Bangladesh has been torturing leaders of opposition political parties in an attempt