Ongoing Right-Wing Extremist Activity in Europe

Themassacre that took place in Norway on July 22 is an indication of a rising extremist political movement in Europe. While Anders Behring Breivik was planning the mass murder that

ANALYSIS: Prove thy innocence —Shahidur Rashid Talukdar

Altogether the instant reaction to the Norway incident, without any pursuance of proof or evidence, was that Muslim terror must be responsible for the attack. Once again, it has been

Islamphobia on the Rise

Two Muslim clerics were ordered off a plane in the US recently as they were traveling to a religious conference. After being cleared by security administration they were subjected to

Bridging the Gap between British Christians and Muslims

Muslims and Christians in Britain are enthusiastically engaged in exciting interfaith projects, ranging from an imams-versus-clergy football match to academic discussions on the Qur’an and the Bible, says Musharraf Hussain.

Islamophobia Rears its Ugly Head Following Foreign Office Visit to MB

Triggering again the face of Islamophobia was the recent visit Thursday by a delegation from the British Foreign Office, to the Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative office in Alexandria.

Islamic Organizations in France Demand the French Review the Niqab Ban Law

President of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France described the implementation of the law banning the niqab in public places as a law that encourages secularism that is based

Batman’s Muslim Offside Draws Ire of US Right-Wing

WASHINGTON – In early 1939, Superman was successful in action comics as Batman used to battle many enemies but now he has to face the anger of right-wing US bloggers

Not Just Islamophobia

Dubbed an ‘anti-Muslim bigot’ Frank Gaffney alleges that the Muslim Brotherhood is running an influence operation in Washington, D.C. by accusing Muslim Republican Suhail Khan – about whom Gaffney has

Canadian Ambassador: Islam Is on the Rise in Canada and We Are not Threatened by

During a recent interview with Alyoum al Saba’a the Canadian Ambassador Ferry de Kerckhove, to Egypt commented on numerous topics concerning Egypt’s current situation including, the deadly church blasts, ElBaradei

Islamophobia at Its Best: Muslim Employees Banned from Hotel during Barak’s Visit

In a blatant act of prejudice a hotel's general manager told Muslim employees not to come in after the State Department had reported “irregularities” in routine background checks on them