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When reporting becomes activism

Egypt’s regulations and restrictions on press and reporters go as far as mandating prison sentences clearly violating the international standards of freedom of speech.

An Egyptian blogger to Lose His Job Because of His Writings on The Internet

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today said that an Egyptian blogger lost his job because of his political views on his blog. The blogger,Mohammed Maree, was dismissed from

State Security Officers Beat Kareem Amer before releasing him

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, said today that the Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer has been subjected to beatings by an officer of SSI ,

An Open Letter to The Syrian President, Bashar al- Assad Requesting to Release Tal al-Mallouhi

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information , 6th April movement, al-Ghad Liberal Party and Egyptian bloggers and activists publish the letter addressed to the Syrian President , Bashar al-

Blocking An Egyptian Blog On An Emirati Host The Blog Advocates For Reform And Slams

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today that pursuing callers of change and democratic reform did not include arbitrary detention , but also reached their sites and blogs

Blogger accuses Gamal Mubarak’s Office of shutting down his Website

Blogger Amr Osama, of the April 6 Youth opposition movement, accused members of the NDP's policies committee of being behind the irrational shutting down of his blog.

Joint action

The undersigned organisations, express our deep concern about the possibility of prison sentences being handed down on 4 September 2010 to prominent Egyptian human rights activists Gamal Eid, director of

Blogging And Tweeting, Egyptians Push For Change

Young Egyptians are using social media to fight police brutality and urge a more open government. Critics say that not a single Arab dictator has been overthrown by protests on

The Loss Of Popularity Of Egyptian Blogging

The active blogs of a few years ago, which scrutinised social violence and confrontations between the opposition and the police, seem to have waned in popularity today. Their success was

More abuse for Egypt Sinai writer, blogger

Reports circulated on Tuesday that the Egyptian interior ministry had escalated its torture of prisoner of conscience Mossad Abu Fagr, a prominent Egyptian blogger who has been jailed since 2007.