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The real threat in Egypt: Delayed democracy

A lot of people in Washington seem to think so, though they are talking about it quietly so far. Their fears are specific: that the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic

Demands for Al Azhar to Conduct Elections for All Posts

Dr. Abdul Basset Al-Thaher organizer for the “Azhar University Teachers Reform club” called on Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb to set up a committee head by the Azhar University’s president Dr. Ossama

Flagman: That’s The Least I Can Do!

“Every adventurer takes the pleasure” that was the first sentence Ahmed ElShahat, or flagman, uttered when he climbed down the Israeli embassy building after replacing the Israeli flag with the

Istanbul on the Nile

Many Egyptian military officers and some civilian politicians are interested in replicating the so-called Turkish model for Egypt, in which the military would play a leading role in guiding society

Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Iran to End Its Support of Syrian Regime

The Muslim Brotherhood called on Iran to end its support of the current Syrian government in the wake of violent clashes that have erupted since mid-March which left nearly 2000

Members of Kuwaiti Parliament Attend Conference in Cairo in Solidarity With Syrian Uprising

In expression of support of the Syrian people facing brutal crackdowns, a conference will organized by the Arab activists onTuesday August 16 at al-Azhar Conferences center, the main hall.

International Forum for Muslim Parliamentarians Condemns Syrian Atrocities

The International Forum for Muslim Parliamentarians welcomed the increasing condemnations and pressure on the Syrian government for its human rights abuses and the atrocities it's committing against its civilian population.

Syrians Protest in Cairo Calling For Solidarity

Protests were held in Cairo on Thursday, by the Syrian community calling on the international community to interfere and take the necessary steps to protect civilians in Syria.

Massacres in Syria; Turkey Disappointed, US Appalled, Others Silent

Freedom and Justice Party leader, Dr. Gamal Heshmat was adamant as he slammed the Syrian government for its repulsive military operation against its own people.

The State of Israel, State of Turmoil

With revolutions rocking the Middle East and people rising up against tyranny and dictators, Israel is no different as 120,000 Israelis – including Israeli Arabs - have been gathering and