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Leaked Letter Reveals Officers Assaulted Muslim Brotherhoods Chairman in Prison

A leaked letter from inside the Tora prison revealed Egyptian security officers assaulted Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie two weeks ago, in order to force him to accept an

Ibrahim Monir Lays Out Muslim Brotherhood’s Position on Initiatives to Resolve Egyptian Crisis

Ibrahim Monir, Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Chairman, welcomed any initiatives or sincere patriotic efforts to end the current crisis and roadblocks in Egypt under the current difficult circumstances, stressing that there

Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Chairman: Why the Arab Summit Failed Before It Began

 Ibrahim Monir, deputy Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman, criticized the Arab summit held in the city of Dhahran in Saudi Arabia on April 15th, saying that it has "clearly failed in view

The Muslim Brotherhood, Ninety Years of Giving

The Muslim Brotherhood celebrated its 90th anniversary under the title "Ninety Years of Giving" at the Amir Effendi Cultural Center in Istanbul. The ceremony was attended by dozens of Muslim

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns the Death of Sheikh Sadiq Abdul Magid of Sudan

 Muslim Brotherhood Mourns the Death of Sheikh Sadiq Abdul Magid of Sudan  Muslim Brotherhood expresses its  deep sorrow and sadness as the Ummah lost a prominent scholar and figure, Sheikh

Mounir Responds to Saudi Crown Prince Attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Chairman, Ibrahim Mounir, played down the importance of Saudi crown prince Mohamed bin Salman’s pledge to “eliminate what is left of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology”, which

Doha Badie: My father in Solitary Confinement, No Blankets, Medicine or Food

 Doha Badie, daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie appealed for the relief from the dire situation which her father and other detainees endure in Tora Prison, which

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Terrorist Attack on Marmina Church

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the terrorist attack on  Marmina Church in Helwan, south of Cairo, which took place today [Friday, December 29, 2017], despite the announcement by the military

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman: Jerusalem is Central Issue for All Muslims

 Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, called on the military coup authorities in Egypt to release Muslim Brotherhood prisoners to confront Israeli occupation, affirming that Palestine is a central cause

Muslim Brotherhood: Tump’s Decision Worthless, Instigates More Conflicts and Hostilities

In light of the sharp political twists by the new US administration, the US President announced today [Wednesday] his country’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity,