US Republicans’ War on Moderate Islam

As the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee approves legislation to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, the peaceful political group is confident the politicized bill will not be passed into

Ikhwanweb’s Response to Mona ElTahawy’s ‘Why Do They Hate Us’ Article

Far from constituting a solution, this type of one-dimensional reductionism and stereotyping is one of the problems facing Arab women.

Ikhwanweb: Tony Blair’s MB Comments Out of Touch and Misguided

Mr. Blair’s skepticism of the Muslim Brotherhood’s commitment to genuine democracy by stating that “not clear that the type of democracy they [Muslim Brotherhood] would create would be a genuine

Editorial: Syrian Revolution Unveils Hezbollah’s Double Standards

Can a revolutionary party, a radical group or even an ideological organization fall short in recognizing a revolution parallel to it and supportive to its cause, especially when being so

Egypt Elections Expose Divisions in Muslim Brotherhood

Western media has been always fascinated by the theory of “divisions within the Brotherhood” with every difference in opinion within the organization comes to public attention, and this time is

Yes we can

The President’s words about the prospects of US-Muslim relations and his respect to Islam and its culture are so far encouraging, but only need to be followed by actions to

To Engage or Disengage…That is the Question?

Although the Obama administration is only just starting, observers are already noting a distinct change in the prominence and tone of U.S. public diplomacy, specifically with respect to the Muslim

Editorial: Not In Defense of Obama

Ayman Zawahri’s latest video release ahead of Obama’s victory comes as another episode in a series of hate speeches that further defame Al-Qaeda’s image more than it actually sends any

Again, Zawahiri Slams Muslim Brotherhood

Zawahiri’s latest audio release criticized the Muslim Brotherhood claiming its leaders come to Kabul on American tanks “talking about wanting to liberate it from the Taliban and agents of Pakistan,”

Editorial: Goodbye Musharraf, Checkmate For Others

Western intelligentsia must understand our region’s need for change, and that the Pakistani experience in peaceful constitutional change is the best possible scenario of democratic transformation for our region, and