Egypt’s New Year Resolution – NYTimes.com

EGYPT is in turmoil, and many so-called experts have concluded that religion is the cause. It is not.

Ahmed Mansoor on blogging his way into a UAE prison

One of the United Arab Emirate's most prominent human rights activists, Ahmed Mansoor was imprisoned in 2011 for criticising the country's leadership.

Impossible Similarity between Freedom and Justice Party and the Dissolved National Party

It is evident that some people hate Islamic movements regardless of what they are or whatever they are about in terms of ideas, ideologies and history. It is a kind

Egypt’s New President Must Re-Unite People

Ahead of this week's presidential elections in Egypt, the BBC News website has asked four Egyptians with contrasting political opinions to express their hopes and fears. Khaled Hamza is editor-in-chief

After The Revolution: Egypt Pursues Japan, Learns Lessons of Its Renaissance, Inspires It With Revolution

I visited Japan, almost a year after the tsunami, and after experiencing the Egyptian revolution – right from its inception, and until the moment that marked the passage of one

Seeking Consensus, the FJP Remains Wary of Alliance with Salafis

Despite widespread speculation to the contrary, the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing -- the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) -- has consistently ruled out the possibility of forming any strategic alliance

OpEd by Essam El-Erian: Egypt is the True Victor in this Election

By voting, millions of Egyptians are accomplishing one of the revolution's basic aims – the building of a democratic system.

Op-Ed: The Dilemma of the Syrian Revolution, Questions to Iran

Some believe that the Iranian position regarding the developments in Syria is very confusing - and perhaps Iran itself could be divided from the inside as it has been witnessing