Women Detainees in Egypt’s Prisons Under Military Coup

 During the period of August 14, 2013 until end of December 2017, the coup militias arrested more than 2,500 girls and women in Egypt, 49 of them remained behind the

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman’s Statement on the Arrest of Three Women in Alexandria, Monday

The following is a press statement by the Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman, Dr Talaat Fahmi, on the arrest of 3 women in Alexandria, on Monday November 27, 2017 “It is the

Rights Organizations: Sisi Regime Abducts, Disappears Seven Egyptian Women

A number of human rights organizations in Egypt documented seven cases of enforced disappearance of Egyptian women who were arrested, detained and ‘disappeared’ by Sisi’s Interior Ministry. Those rights organizations

Human Rights Reports: Enforced Disappearance, Arrests of Women in October Escalates to Reach 46

Rights group Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedoms’ (ECRF)’s latest statistics on women detained in Egyptian prisons revealed an increase in the number of girls and women arbitrarily detained

Muslim Brotherhood Spokeswoman: Villainous Coup Junta Arrest, Detain Egyptian Women

The arrest of Somaya Maher, who was preparing for her wedding, just a few days after the arrest of Asmaa Zeidan and Asmaa Khaled Ezzelregal, is yet another crime added

Egypt Women Rights Group Condemns Arrest of Girls; Demand Release of Female Detainees

The Sisi regime continues its criminal policies against the women of Egypt. On October 17, 2017, an armed force stormed the house of newly-wed Somaya Hazema in Beheira governorate and

Statement from Egyptian Women Held as Political Prisoners in Coup Jails

Because justice has gone missing… because injustice has overwhelmed our homeland… because, in Egypt, the axioms of human rights have turned into mere words on paper… It is necessary to

Egypt Sinai Women Against the Coup Statement on October 6 War Anniversary

As Egypt 'celebrates' its 1973 victory, in which the Sinai was liberated from Israel, the region is treated by the remodeled Egyptian army as enemy territory, with Egyptian homes bombed,

Women Against the Coup Marks Year Since ‘Arab Sharkas’ Executions by Junta Injustice

Women Against the Coup movement remembers the tragic execution of 6 innocent Egyptians without due process, and vows revolution till victory.

Muslim Brotherhood: Serious Peaceful Action Will Save Egypt’s Women from Coup Regime Oppression

 Criminal Coup authorities were not to miss the chance to celebrate International Women’s Day in their own way. Since the July 2013 coup against legitimacy, women became one of the