Alliance Calls for “Where are the Youth?” Protest Week

 Murderer of Youth, General Sisi, continues with his preparations for hosting a new youth conference, which he calls “international”, and bringing in a number of youth from varied countries at

Students, Youth Against Coup Condemn Gov’t Killing of Young Ahmed Medhat

 Anti-coup movements Students Against the Coup and Youth Against the Coup condemned the killing Thursday of young student Ahmed Medhat by the junta regime’s Interior Ministry, which also fabricated charges

Egypt Youth: Revolution in the Square

Stressing revolutionary unity, Egyptian youth groups urge active participation as they escalate non-violent protest rallies across the homeland, despite an ongoing murderous, violent campaign by coup regime forces that has

Egypt Students Against the Coup Rejects Junta Parliament Elections

The Students Against the Coup revolutionary movement calls all Egyptians, especially youths, to boycott the sham elections rigged by the junta and its collaborators at home and abroad.

Students Against the Coup in Zagazig University Vows Retaliation for Sarah Mashaal Abduction

In a statement Wednesday, SAC condemns the blatant violations of student Sarah Mashaal's rights by coup authorities who abducted her from within the university campus.

Muslim Brotherhood Students Statement Slams Media Lies

We call upon all media outlets to commit to professional standards of accuracy in what they publish in the name of Muslim Brotherhood students, describing their own articles as statements,

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Execution of Defendants in “Arab Sharkas” Case

The Muslim Brotherhood's Montaser reaffirms that nothing will stop the military junta's murders and oppression except revolutionary justice.

Students Against The Coup: Repression Against Cairo Students Will Not Break Our Resolve

After a barbaric and bloody attack by armed coup militias and hired thugs against unarmed students on Cairo University campus, SAC student movement vows to persist in peaceful protest and

Egypt Brotherhood Students Raise Five Demands to Improve University, Dormitory Conditions

Following the second case of food-poisoning at a university’s dormitories, Muslim Brotherhood students speak out against corruption and decades old neglect.

Youth Minister: We Will Prepare Youth for Local Councils, Parliament and the Presidency

After decades of neglect, Egypt endeavors to develop youth centers to empower new generations of Egyptians for a brighter future.