Center for Security Policy’s Sharia Report a Threat to USA Ethics?

Center for Security Policy’s Sharia Report a Threat to USA Ethics?

 The 177 page report which is  titled Sharia: The Threat to America by the Centre for Security Policy has been unsurprisingly backed by a group who has called themselves Team BII.

A close look at the group reveals the true colours and essence of those behind the report who have gone ahead and forgotten that “they” represent “we” who together mean “Americans” which in all reality and constitutionally includes “Muslims”. An article in a Brooklyn, NY local paper illustrates the blind hatred that has now come to be widely accepted in the U.S. The post writes;

“There’s no denying the elephant in the room. Neither is there any rejoicing over the mosques proposed for Sheep head Bay, Staten Island and Ground Zero because where there are mosques, there are Muslims, and where there are Muslims, there are problems.” The article demonstrates clear prejudice where it adds:

“There is a lot the United States can learn from Great Britain’s rotten experience with a community which refuses to assume responsibility for its evil subculture — and one that only it can successfully eradicate.  New Yorkistan?  It’s happening before our eyes.”

The choice of elected officials and their perception to Muslims and Islam indicate that they were handpicked to back the report which had made no effort in concealing discrimination. The likes of Rep. Michele Bachmann is proof where she has publicly quoted “

“Not all cultures are equal, not all values are equal”.

Here Bachmann suggests Muslims are an inferior people to those in the United States and the West.  Islamophobia is clearly demonstrated where she described the American Muslims as “terrorist sympathizers” and “Islami-Fascist bastards”. 

Another member of the ‘back up’ team is  Rep. Pete Hoekstra who has become widely known and labelled the partisan clown who announced at  a press conference in 2006 that  weapons of mass destruction were found  in Iraq. His record of mishandling and outright lying when it comes to matters of intelligence and national security leave room to question to the integrity of this ‘backer’. Surprisingly even though Hoekstra has proven that he cannot be trusted with intelligence, and occasionally makes up his own intelligence to get some press attention, he is still the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.   Hoekstra has been notably known for his appeal to boycott the mainstream Islamic organizations, despite  the U.S. Attorney’s office in Detroit constantly seeks the collaboration  of these organizations for homeland security. Hoekstra has described the report as:

“A strong and detailed look at aspects of Sharia and the Caliphate and how radical jihadists are using violence as a means to achieve them”.

He adds:

“So many years after 9/11, there is still a lack of critical understanding of the motivating force behind radical Islam and the terrorists that attacked our nation that day. This lack of clarity begins at the top with the Obama administration that seems conflicted over whether we are engaged with a real threat to national security or dealing with a legal issue”.

The CSP report takes a close look at the Muslim Brotherhood and its ties to radical Islamist organizations abroad and in the United States, including CAIR, the Muslim Student’s Association, and the Holyland Foundation.

He questioned how the U.S. administrations have mishandled the threat from Sharia and radical Islam and makes clear that the federal government must take steps to address Sharia more urgently.

Daniel Luban argues in his article ‘Forget Ground Zero Mosque it’s the Great Sharia Conspiracy’ in the;

“Being Muslim does not require a governmental imposition of something called ‘Sharia law’, any more than being a Christian requires the implementation of ‘Biblical law”.

Luban defends Muslims highlighting that:

“Moderate practitioners of Islam, like all religious believers, strive to adhere to their conception of what Sharia requires. This does not, however, mean that they necessarily aim to impose Sharia, much less a fundamentalist version of Sharia, on others”.

He criticises the report which repeats the same old claims over and over such as;

“everyone knows that most or all terrorists are Muslims, and there are no Christian and no Jewish terrorists (or terrorists of any other religious stripe), and that Muslims are inherently violent.  Everyone also knows that Muslims are not equivalent to real Americans, that they are the enemy within, and a fifth column,  that good Muslims can’t be good Americans, that they are not a part of our American heritage, that they are all militant,  that Islam makes Muslims backward that Muslims have made no contribution to the West,  that Islam is of the devil a Crescent menace, and an evil encroaching on the United States and not a religion“. 

The Islamophobic report strategically released right in the middle of the Cordoba House/Park51 controversy, adds fuel to the already escalating anti-Muslim bigotry being stirred up.  The hate campaign currently demonstrated reveals the epitome of Islamophobia where bigotry highlights a certain extremist segment of the American population which has seen no parallel since the 1930’s and 1940’s anti-Semitic hate campaign against Jews in Europe.

The ‘hate campaign’ although evil, has been effective where the   American Muslims have become labelled ‘the other’, not to be trusted, not good Americans.

Frank Woodward writes in all reality:

“Islamophobia needs neither the consent nor the interest of the establishment or the mainstream media in order to continue its advance across America”.

During an interview Lieutenant General William G. Boykin who is currently retired from the United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence claimed.

“Islam is not a religion. It is a totalitarian way of life. There is a religious component. But we still treat it as a first amendment issue when in fact it is a totalitarian way of life.  And when you think Islam you need to think Sharia law”.

He argued that

Sharia law is the law that subjugates women, that cuts off the hand of the thief that beheads the adulteress, that’s Sharia law, and that’s what Islam is.

It is a legal system more than anything else, with a religious component. And people simply do not understand that. And consequently, skip, we still treat it as a first amendment issue.  …  And we continue to categorize them as extremists or radicals or people who are not following the dictates of Islam, well the reality is they are following the dictates of Islam and all we’re doing is playing their game of propaganda when we refuse to acknowledge that they are terrorists, they are Jihadists, they’re Muslims, they’re Islamists, and they want to destroy our constitution and replace it with Sharia law.” 

Boykin stressed that Islam is not a religion and that Extending First Amendment protection to Muslims was a fundamental mistake.

The think tank behind the study FRANK GAFFNEY, has been involved in any issue which is remotely related to Islamophobia where he has constantly illustrated his skeptic outlook to almost everything relating to Islam targeting even the President  himself where he writes in an article in The Washington times.

“Last week, Barack Obama‘s campaign was burned yet again for its dalliance with Islamists – those who embrace Islam’s repressive theo-political-legal code known as Sharia and who are working for its triumph in the West in general and the United States in particular. The episode is but the latest indication that the Democratic candidate hopes to win the White House by relying, in part, on the Jihadist vote”.

He also smeared the names of two Muslim White House staffers and unfairly charged Grover Norquist with giving White House access to “radical Muslims.” He also accused Obama of  nominating Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court as part of a secret ploy to institute Sharia law in the United States adding that the efforts to use non-interest measures to do banking transactions was also a Muslim conspiracy to impose Islamic law on the United States. He writes in the Washington times that

Obama will be embracing the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Gaffney argues in an article titled Understanding Islam’s Threat to the U.S. Vital that not only does  the president identify with Muslims, but actually may still be one himself stressing that:

“Barack Hussein Obama would have to be considered America’s first Muslim president”.

Gaffney continues his Islamophobic ravings with the constant use of clichés including taqiyya, stealth and jihad, describing that the proposed Cordoba House/Park51 centre was:

“a durable, symbolic taunt by our enemies about their bloody victory”, which is “designed to be a permanent, in-our-face beachhead for Sharia, a platform for inspiring the triumphalism ambitions of the faithful and eroding resistance to their demands for separate and (for the moment, at least) equal treatment in America”.