Change and reform bloc warns of serious threat to the life of Haneyya

Change and reform bloc warns of serious threat to the life of Haneyya

MP Yahya Moussa, the deputy head of Hamas-affiliated change and reform parliamentary bloc, warned that the legitimate PA premier Ismail Haneyya is vulnerable to great danger in light of serious reports that US gave Israel a green light to assassinate him after they started to see him as a national, Arab and Islamic leader.
“America started to feel that Haneyya is an exemplar stripping the Arab regimes because of the features of dignity in his charismatic personality”, Mousa opined in a statement received by the PIC, warning that the premier could be in peril because he became now the top political figure.
In another context, the lawmaker said that one of the most important risks that resulted from the Annapolis conference was that it unleashed the Israeli occupation”s appetite for gaining more concessions from the PA negotiators, particularly with regard to the issues of Jerusalem, refugees and borders.

Concerning the national dialogue, the lawmaker underlined that the key to the national dialogue is no longer in Palestinian hands, adding that Abbas said at his last meeting with Saudi Arabia, “Ask America to allow dialogue.”
For his part, the lawmaker read some of “Tenet” plan”s terms that explicitly mention the mechanism of meetings held between the security apparatuses of Israel and PA leadership under the periodic supervision of US which are intended for discussing the ways to kidnap Palestinian resistance fighters and extradite the ones wanted by Israel, describing the role of the PA leadership as a security agency at the service of the “Zionist entity”.

The lawmaker finally pointed out that the caretaker government along with the PLC is discussing the file of collaborators and the appropriate legal measures to be taken against them.

In an unrelated development, Israeli premier Ehud Olmert demanded on Sunday the PA leadership to tighten its grip on the Palestinian resistance factions in exchange for mitigating the Israeli arbitrary measures imposed on the Palestinian people.

Olmert”s new demand came after Hamas and Islamic Jihad were able to kill two Israeli soldiers during a successful mission carried out near Al-Khalil city last Friday, despite the security collaboration between the PA security apparatuses and Israeli occupation.

In the same context, Israeli minister of industry and trade Eli Yishai called for halting the negotiations with the PA when Israelis are killed by Palestinian resistance fighters and demanded the PA to stop asking Israel to fulfill its obligations in the roadmap plan before it ends executing its commitments, pointing out that the negotiations was detrimental to Israel and must be stopped.

Despite these Israeli statements, the unconstitutional PA premier Salam Fayyad condemned the operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance and announced his adherence to the security coordination with the Israeli occupation