Chavez’s peace plan agreed on by Gaddafi and Mousa

Chavez’s peace plan agreed on by Gaddafi and Mousa

Al-arabiya news channel has reported that Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has called for an international mediation effort to seek a peaceful solution to the uprising against Libyan leader Gaddafi. Chavez spoke to Gaddafi on Tuesday and laid out his proposal to seek a negotiated solution to the violence in Libya.

According to Chavez discussions were underway with left-wing Latin American nations and countries in Europe and South America with hopes that a commission could be established to go to Libya for talks with the Libyan government and the leaders of the opposition.

Sources revealed the Libyan leader and the president of the Arab League Amr Mousa agreed to a peace plan. The Venezuelan President added it was better to seek a political solution rather than send marines to Libya, and better to send a goodwill mission than for the killing to continue.

He criticised the US which has said it is ready to enter Libya accusing it of wanting Libya’s oil similar to the period where they were after Iraqi oil. Nicaragua and Cuba agreed with the thesis.

Chavez highlighted that the door is open to all the ‘friendly’ nations. Chavez, is a very close friend of the Libyan leader and praises him as a fellow revolutionary. He has made six visits to Libya since he became Venezuela President in 1998 and he believed it would be hypocritical of him to join international condemnation of Gaddafi now.

Chavez accuse the US some countries of double standards wondering why no one criticised attacks and massacres in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Fallujah.