Chief Editor Jailed for Slamming President

In a serious precedence and a threat to the Egyptian reform movements, an Egyptian court Monday June 6th ,2006 issued a one year sentence against al Dostour Chief Editor Ibrahim Essa on charges of criticizing President Mubarak.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb following the ruling, Essa said “This is the first trial on such a charge since the July 1952 Revolution, as this law was enforced only at the royal dynasty when lese majesty led to prison at the time” This shows, Essa says, that the Egyptian regime has become too opinionated and no longer accepts any actual opposition or criticism.

He added that this ruling is a message to all reform advocates in Egypt, pointing out that the trial was a farcical one as the claimant who lodges this lawsuit has no jurisdiction in this claim, in addition to several irregularities which marred the image of judiciary in this trial. Essa wondered that this ruling comes at a time when the journalists call for rescinding the law of jailing journalists on classified information or reports they obtain from their own sources, which confirms the regime is not for reform or opening the door for a free press.

It is to be mentioned that the political arena these days witnesses the trial of another three journalists on charges of publishing a blacklist of the judges who played a role in rigging the recent parliament election.     

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