Chief of NCHR: Muslim Brotherhood has nothing to do with violence

Chief of NCHR: Muslim Brotherhood has nothing to do with violence

During Muntaha al-Siyasah broadcast on Saturday on al-Mehwar Egyptian satellite channel, Kamal Abul-Majd, head of Egypt”s National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), stated that the emergency law is the real reason behind arrests and augured well that this law might be changed very soon. He asserted that new code has not been submitted to the NCHR though asking for it many times; every time the government would reply that the law has not been finished yet and it will be submitted once the final drafting is done.

In his TV interview, Abul-Majd linked the Europe charging of Egypt with neglecting human rights to the European misunderstanding of the nature of the Arab world, Arab countries, and the Arab reality. He accused the recent American ambassador of hasty statements, “she should realize the rights and duties of an ambassador first!” he added.

Regarding freedom in Egypt, he said “we still have many restrictions on freedoms last two years”. He supports the law banning demonstrations at worship places to protect them. He indicated that demos should have anticipated permissions and be held within celebrations hall affiliated to the mosque!

Abul-Majd stressed that the MB has an undeniable merit; the ability to organize, gather people, and interpenetration of society. He called the MB to better integrate in the Egyptian society adding that training on weapons at the very start of the group was carried out within the university camps for all people not for the Muslim Brotherhood only so that they might be able to resist; he was one a contemporaneous with that era.

“Freedom the basic virtue, when it is well- fulfilled, every thing will follow”, he concluded.