• July 29, 2006
  • 1 minute read

Children Demonstrate in Support of Resistance, 10 Detained

Children Demonstrate in Support of Resistance, 10 Detained

In an unprecedented incident revealing the foolish way adopted by the Egyptian regime in dealing with people including children, security forces attacked group of kids demonstrating in Shobra district in Cairo to show their support to the Lebanese and Palestinian children who are being massacred by Israeli troops
More than 800 children participated in the demonstration in front of Al Khazendar Mosque.

Police used force to disperse the largely peaceful demonstration, attacking children and detaining 15 instructors, while three kids are reported missing. Police also abducted several children less than 16 and 18 years old.

Dr. Hazem Farouq, al-Sahil district Parliament member, stated to ikhwanweb that “what happened is a tragedy in the full sense of the word. What is the wrong that these kids did! This is a form of confusion on the part of the govenment in taking political decisions, and represents a contintuous attemp to suppress and frighten Egyptian people so as not to express their opinions”