Children protest power outage as Gaza plunges into darkness

Children protest power outage as Gaza plunges into darkness

Tens of children hit the streets of Gaza at a late hour on Friday night to protest the power outage after the sole electricity generation station in the coastal enclave came to a halt due to lack of fuel.

Children lit candles and burnt photos of Salam Fayyad, the illegitimate premier in Ramallah, who was held responsible by those children along with the Fatah-controlled authority for the electricity crisis after halting payment of fuel cost.

An 11-year-old child, speaking on behalf of the children, urged the regional and international parties and free people of the world to end the Gaza inhabitants’ suffering especially children.

He said that children want electricity back to live their normal life especially at the current blistering summer heat.

Jamal Al-Dardasawi, the public relations manager in the Gaza electricity company, told the PIC reporter that the power plant’s shutdown would mean that electricity shortage would rise to 60%.

He said that his company would provide 6 hours of electricity to be followed by 12 hours of electricity cutoff for all areas of Gaza Strip without exception.

Dardasawi explained that his company now solely depends on electricity lines from Egypt and Israel, which do not cover all Gaza needs.

He warned of the catastrophic consequences of such a situation especially with the soaring temperature, adding that the power outage would affect water and sewage services extended to houses other than the commercial and industrial sectors and public utilities and services.

The company official appealed to the Arab League to intervene and finance necessary fuel for operating the power plant.