China renews demand for immediate end to Gaza siege

China renews demand for immediate end to Gaza siege

Chinese Middle East envoy Wu Sike has renewed his country’s demand for an immediate end to the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip and an improvement of humanitarian conditions there.

He told a press conference in Beirut on Saturday after meeting with Lebanese president Michel Suleiman and his premier Saad Al-Hariri that Beijing condemns the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla.

He said that China was exerting incessant efforts along with the international community to implement the UN resolutions the soonest.

Sike said that his country was keen on maintaining contacts with the Arab countries in general and Lebanon in particular since it was currently occupying a non-permanent seat at the UN Security Council.

China backs a comprehensive and just peace to the Middle East conflict based on international legitimacy, land for peace principle, and the Arab peace plan and supports the establishment of a fully sovereign Palestinian state, the envoy elaborated.

He said that a lasting peace in the region based on full Israeli withdrawal from the lands occupied in 1967 including eastern Jerusalem would allow peace, stability, and economic prosperity to materialize.