Church leader, Fred Phelps vows to take over Jones’ Quran burning plans indicating Islamophobic tendencies

Church leader, Fred Phelps vows to take over Jones’ Quran burning plans indicating Islamophobic tendencies
A press release posted Friday on the website, announced that the Westboro Baptist Church has planned to burn the Muslims Holy Quran after it labeled Pastor Terry Jones a ‘false prophet" The Kansas based cult maintained that it will burn both the Quran and the US flag at its Topeka headquarters after Jones had withdrawn plans to burn the Quran in what he alleged was a deal with Muslims to relocate the Ground Zero Mosque.
They slammed Jones for postponing his plans claiming he:
Allowed him to be "bullied by sissy, intolerant rebels worldwide into cancelling plans to burn that blasphemous idol called the Koran."

the independent Westboro Baptist Church founded by disbarred lawyer, Fred Waldron Phelps  is  monitored as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center. Phelps’s followers have been known to frequently picket various events, and gatherings including military funerals and high-profile political gatherings. 

According to sources the Phelps clan at Westboro insists it will not back down or be persuaded to change its plans of burning the Quran. In fact this is not the first time the church has burnt the Quran with the Islamophobic and discriminate incident taking place in 2008; however it captured very little attention.
During Westboro’s announcement of its plans to torch the Quran the group employs highly inflammatory language against Muslims by accusing Islam of being:
"Just another false religious system with a pedophile as its prophet."
The Westboro statement stressed indicated;
"You’re not supposed to be finding common ground with idolatrous perverts, but throwing down their altars, as God instructed!"
The church’s indecency under the watchful supervision of Phelps has resulted in State and federal laws passed to keep Westboro picketers at bay.
A statement by the Southern Baptist Convention has previously stated that Phelps church:

"Is not in any way affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, and his extreme position not only stands in contrast to ours, more importantly they stand in contrast to God’s Word. . ."