Cindy Sheehan in Cairo to Monitor MB Military Trial

Cindy Sheehan in Cairo to Monitor MB Military Trial

Born on July, 10th, 1957, Cindy Sheehan”s most tragic day was April, 4th, 2004, when she was informed that her son Casey, 24 years died on duty in Iraq . This recurrent incident, of the death of a US soldier in Iraq , turned this woman from an ordinary woman to a prominent anti-war activist. She has also become a prominent US human rights activist who spoke out against the White House.

Sheehan drew international attention when she staged a peaceful demonstration in front of US president George Bush”s Ranch in Texas calling for stopping the war in Iraq .
Sheehan a cofounder of Golden Star Families for Peace which was founded in January 2005 to call for ending the US presence in Iraq and supporting families of the soldiers killed in Iraq . At least 63 relatives of the US soldiers killed in Iraq joined this organization.

Continuously exposing the US war in Iraq since 2004 and vowing not to pay taxes which fun war, Sheehan came under US focus in early August 2005 when she went to President Bush”s Texas-based ranch. She also requested a meeting with the US president to explain why she did this after she established a camp called “Casey”s Camp”. She spent five weeks in the camp outside Bush”s ranch calling for meeting the president. She even vowed that unless she meets the president that time she would come to the ranch whenever he visits it. She was even thankful to denying her the visit because this drew more attention to her cause.
Sheehan”s actions made prominent supporters like Linux Yearwood, the Latin Congregation leader, call her a second Rosa Parks in fighting the war. After ending her demonstration, the media called Sheehan “The Mother of Peace”.
Some of her statements triggered huge controversies. Sheehan accused in the Daily Cause on Sep, 24th, 2005, the media of heavily covering Rita Hurricane, saying:” I saw only Rita coverage on the CNN, although it is only a simple wind and rain. This is extremely bad. Many things other than Rita are happening nowadays in this country and around the globe.

Sheehan is currently running “Crawford Peace House” which she founded in March 2007 after she has failed since May 2006 in submitting papers of this body and after accepting hundreds of dollars which were not taken into consideration.

Sheehan was arrested on March, 7th, in New York after she blocked the door in front of a US delegation in the UN headquarters while covering an anti war protest with other Iraqi women.
Sheehan took part also in the march “United for the sake of Peace and Justice” in New York to protest against the war on April, 29th, 2006.

Sheehan accused the United States of attempting to launch an aggression on Iran to prevent her from producing Nukes. She wrote two articles in Buzzflash in which she said that ratifying the Freedom and Support to Iran Act is the first step towards launching a war against her, calling on the Congress to reject bills like this in the future.
Calling for releasing David Hakes, Sheehan gave a speech on May, 26th in a rally in Melbourne , Australia , in front of the Victorian Liberal Party.

She also called for shutting down the US detention in Guantanamo .

On May, 26th, 2007, Sheehan quit the US Democratic Party after the democratic-controlled Congress ratified a bill supporting the war in Iraq . She concluded her ant-war activities with two messages which she published on the Daily Cause.
Being one of the noted human rights activists around the globe, Sheehan arrives in Cairo this week to attend and monitor the last session of the military tribunal trying 40 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Monday Feb, 11th, 2008, to show her support and solidarity to them