Cindy Sheehan in Cairo

Cindy Sheehan in Cairo

Cindy Sheehan , the famous American mother activist who stood against G.W Bush is visiting Egypt in solidarity with the detained Muslim brotherhood members who are facing a military trial , she tried to attend the last session from the MB controversial trial to monitor it but of course the security did not let her in.

Cindy is not the only international figure that tried to monitor the


controversial trial this time as usual the PR of MB did a great job to gather international activists to create buzz for their trial , seriously a great job despite that it did not change anything on ground but I am sure for the Egyptian Regime this is so bad , I mean there is nothing worst than a bad media

Anyhow back to Cindy , I bet this lady did not imagine before the death of her son that she would involve in international politics like this ,still I admire what she did and she is doing ,it is inspiring.

Back to the MB trial of Mr. Khairat Alshater and his follows ,yesterday was the last day for the defense , I do not know I wish I could be optimistic , but I just do not have a clue , I see different signs , may be they will be set free because if they are found guilty “while they are innocent” this will create anger inside and outside on the other hand I believe they can be found guilty and go to jail because the locals elections are on the doors and the NDP is scared from the MB and wants to get rid from them sooner before later for fear of competitions , the locals elections ,is the elections of the local councils in the Governates there are fear that the MB would win them despite the historical fact that they were always occupied by the corrupted regime men in all times !!!

Already I believe there will be very soon a new hunt against the MB and its members across the country , the official newspapers are heating up stuff against the banned group !!! I wish that my optimistic thinking is the true one for real

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