Civil war here ,Civil war there

There is a mini civil war in Iraq , dangerous one that is going on a daily basis without a truce , a civil war its victims every day are more than 10 whether from dead or injured , a sectarian civil war , whose results don’t threat only Iraq or the Arab world but the whole Islamic world ,from what it is creating from a fraction in the two main branches of Islam ,the Sunni and the Shiite. You know I laugh when I read about the Warnings of Civil war in Iraq , what warnings ,there is already a civil war and daily genocides there without reports and warnings!!

There is a ghost of a civil war in Lebanon ,another dangerous one , old revenges of the past civil war with unfinished hate ,a struggle of power and sovereignty ,yet in Lebanon it is the waiting game to see who will pull the trigger first , everyone tries not to reach to this phase but it is still available as an ugly option ,the last option if all other options didn’t work ,you know why because this time the first one will pull the trigger will take
the blame from the Lebanese people and from history
Not to mention what it is going to Somalia or in Sudan

and as if we don’t have enough semi or full civil wars in the Arab world ,we got now a civil war in Palestine , sorry the Palestinian territories because till now they don’t have a real recognized state till now ,not to mention the fact the blockade they have ,the great Israel Wall cutting more and more from the remaining of their lands !!

For three days the clashes between Fatah and Hamas continue in a stupid disgusting way ,more than 25 Palestinians were killed till now ,you can the news in a chronicled way in France 24 ,Al-Jazeera,CNN,and BBC
Palestinians are killing Palestinians in the end regardless of their labels and parties after being killed by IDF !!

you Know despite the news that said that there is a truce between Hamas and Fatah due to three facts , one is the request of the other Palestinian groups and parties and they are : The Palestinian Jihad , The Public front and the Liberation front to stop fighting immediately , and two is the bad weather, and three they look so ugly and bad in the eyes of their people who are tired enough , the fighting is still going on and on between the supporters and members of Hamas and Fatah ,and also those who have guns and have benefit from the current situation.
One thing for sure Fatah is implementing the Abrams ’ plan despite its failure and despite the fact that its results are not in the sake of the Palestinian people in the end, Fatah is spending the billions they took from the United States not to feed its own people but to kill its own people by the illusion of security ,If you want to review again what and who started the game ,who put the obstacles ,we will find that they are the American administration,Israel and Fatah.

Fatah is dying to get back in rule ,and the American administration is cursing the day it allowed the democracy to reach in Palestine which brought Hamas to the rule.

There are many to be blamed beside greedy Fatah,the American administration,Israel and Hamas , mainly the Arab countries, the Arab countries could have acted earlier to stop that blood river running in Palestine , not only with donations ,but also to stop Fatah from acting silly but let’s say the truth being slaves to the American administration and haters to democracy the Arab countries most of them didn’t want Hamas in the first place to win the elections.

Take an example of our Egypt and its regime , The Hamas smashing winning in the elections in the same time of the Muslim Brotherhood rise in the parliament elections brought up the fears that the Islamists Muslim Brotherhood would take the rule in Egypt , it also raised the fears of the west and the States ,as if it were the price for the democracy !! But instead of fighting them and putting obstacles ,why don’t all those parties try to win Hamas to their side !!?? Egypt at last is doing so ,and it succeeded thank God.

The west must understand important fact Fatah is a very corrupted organization it is enough to wonder where all the money of the aids went to know that they are big thieves ,and they won’t change themselves on the contrary ,the same ugly faces are still there
Saudi Arabia and its king purposed to interfere to bring Peace between the two fighting teams Hamas and Fatah in the same way they did with the Iraqis if you remember in Ramadan “as if it really worked ??!!”

You know that was announced last week ,while the meeting is going to be next Tuesday in Mecca ,I don’t know why I feel it is too damn late , I mean the blood rivers are running down now in Palestine and both teams are supposed to meet next Tuesday to reach for a solution , as if no one knows what is the solution or the problem !!?

The problem is Fatah wants to get back to rule , and Hamas wants to stick in the rule

You know in that conflict I am more with Hamas ,because for 100 times they were chosen by the Palestinian people who really I feel to hunted with death where ever they go, Fatah are fat big corrupted bastards working for the American administration and Israeli government ,who are working not for Peace ,and here I mean equal peace to both camps Palestinians and Israelis but they are working for their agendas
I just wish the weather gets more and more and more colder so they stop fighting in Palestine.