Clashes in Shafat refugee camp result in casualties.

Clashes in Shafat refugee camp result in casualties.

At least five Palestinian citizens, including three journalists, were wounded Tuesday when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed the Shafat refugee camp anew and clashed with the Palestinian youths defending their homes, local sources reported.

PIC correspondent in the city quoted eyewitnesses as confirming that two Palestinian boys Ahmad Al-Hawwas, 14, and Naser Abu Asab, 15, were wounded after clashes erupted between the camp’s inhabitants and the invading IOF troops.

Three Palestinian cameramen were also wounded while covering the clashes. They were identified as Ata Owaisat, Mahmoud Olayyan, both from al-Quds newspaper, and Ahmad Al-Gharably of the AFP.

 Large numbers of IOF troops stormed the camp, wounding tens of Palestinian refugees, arresting  others. The incursion was considered the biggest of its kind against a refugee camp.

Shafat is the only refugee camp in the occupied city of Jerusalem, which explains the heated IOA attempts to get rid of it.

In the same context, armed Israeli settlers attacked the village of Iraq Burin, near Nablus city, and clashed with Palestinian youths defending their lands. One Palestinian casualty was reported in the clashes and identified as Ameed Kadoos.T

The land research center of the Arab studies society in Jerusalem has documented at least 55 IOF violations against Palestinian Jerusalemites, including the demolishing of homes and confiscating of lands.

In a recent report , the center pointed out that at least 45 IOF attacks against Palestinian homes were recorded, including the demolition of six Palestinian homes.

According to the center, 230 Palestinian Jerusalemites, in which at least 50% of them children, were wary of what would happen next after the Israeli occupation authority threatened to destroy their homes.