Clashes With Police at MB Rally in Solidarity With Palestinians

The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood organized a rally at the Jordanian University Mosque Friday July 7th 2006, in solidarity with the traumatized Palestinians brutalized by the current Israeli aggression. The rally was attended by Jordanian MB Chairman Mr. Salem el Flahat and several other prominent figures. Events at the rally went peacefully until the administrative governor of the area aided by the security forces ordered to stop the rally without any justification. Participants were provoked when large numbers of security forces sealed off the area and clashed with several young people. MB leaders immediately moved to defuse the situation and were able to reach a compromise with authorities to end the celebration and ordered participants to leave the area peacefully. 

Mr. Zaki bin Rashid, the Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front (IAF) stated to Ikhwanweb that these unprovoked assaults by police led to the detention of more than ten people and the injury of several others. Bin Rashid asked government to provide an explanation to this unecessary escalation, wondering if the action by Police represents a policy by Jordanian government. Bin Rashid also criticized the Jordanian government for receiving Israeli Prime Minister twice this month and reinstating the Jordanian ambassador in Tel Aviv in spite of the flagrant escalation on the part of Israelis against unarmed Palestinians including the detention of ministers and other government officials.

On the latest escalation against the Muslim Brotherhood by Jordanian government, bin Rashid described these actions as “part of an international campaign targeting the Islamic movement, and a refelection to the Jordanian government’s fears of the rise of the Islamic current especially after the victory achieved by the MB in Egypt, Palestine and Kuwait” suggesting that Jordanian government may seek to level a pre emptive strike to udndercut the Islamic movement and thwart its influence in society.

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