Close to 6000 Appeals and Lawsuits Threaten “Fraudulent Parliament”

Close to 6000 Appeals and Lawsuits Threaten “Fraudulent Parliament”

 The number of cases and appeals against the 2010 parliamentary elections   reached 4299 lawsuits including 1426 cases in the Supreme Administrative Court alone.

In the Administrative Court in Cairo the number of appeals reached 735, with 590 lawsuits in the courts of Beheira and Alexandria, 155 in Gharbeya, 216 in Mansoura, 174 in Assiut, 53 in Qena, 137 in Ismailia, 157 in Monoufeya, 175 in Qalyubiya, 122 in Bani Souef and Fayoum, 277 in Kafr El-Sheikh and 82 in Minia and El-Wadi El-Gedid governorates.

The lawsuits varied between the inclusion of names of candidates and the implementation of the rulings they received on the inclusion of their changing the attributes of some from “labour” to “categories”. There were also cases on the rigging of elections which lead to nullifying the formation of the forged committee and cases of compensation against the head of the High Elections Committee (HEC) and its members.

The Supreme Administrative Court and administrative courts gave final rulings in 1450 cases against the HEC and the Ministry of Interior during the two rounds of elections. It ranged between original cases and problems with the implementation of the provisions issued of which the HEC only implemented 15 provisions.

The number of appeals this year is twice the number of appeals submitted in 2005 on the invalidity of the past parliament.