Closing Statement of the National Coalition’s Conference to Support Syrian Revolution

Closing Statement of the National Coalition’s Conference to Support Syrian Revolution

In light of the revolution taking place in Syria and in the midst of the Syrian regime’s increasing crimes that has exceeded all limits against our people in the homeland, the conference of the National Coalition to Support the Syrian Revolution was held on Saturday and Sunday, the 4th and 5th of June, 2011 in the Belgian capital Brussels, and attended by a large group of Syrians from all parts of the world, with participation by a wide range of political blocs and independents representing diverse components of Syrian society.

The conference sessions started with the national anthem and a minute of silence in respect for the fallen heroes of the revolution. This was followed by remarks of participants expressing their support for the revolution in the political, legal and media fields. The conference participants then conducted four main sessions and an additional fifth one. Afterwards, participants formed three specialized workshops along the main themes of the conference to discuss the developments of the Syrian Revolution in light of the different challenges it is facing and how Syrians outside Syria can best contribute and positively participate with Syrians inside Syria to support the revolution. Workshops focused on putting in place political, legal, media, health, and technical strategies to support and reinforce the revolution towards the goal of a free Syria where the right to a dignified life is guaranteed to all citizens in an atmosphere of democracy, freedom, justice and equality.

The conference workshops and sessions concluded with decisions and recommendations, most importantly are the following:

1.Affirming that this conference aims at supporting and standing in solidarity with the revolution and not representing or speaking on its behalf.

2.Affirming our commitment to the demands of the Syrian people, the peaceful and nationalistic nature of the revolution, and a refusal to any foreign intervention.

3.Electing a committee to follow-up on the work of the conference

4.Affirming the opening of an office for the National Coalition in the European Union capital Brussels.

5.Forming a coordination committee between the follow-up committee and other committees formed from all previous and forth-coming conferences to unify efforts and complement each other.

6.Working on creating a Syrian society that is pluralistic and democratic in an atmosphere of justice, freedom, equality and an emphasis that Syria is for all Syrians of all ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds.

7.The Coalition coordinates with movements inside Syria in order to support and sustain their efforts in international arenas not as a trustee but as an echo to its voice.

8.The conference also agreed on the following specialized recommendations.

Recommendations in the media field:

•The adoption of specific mechanisms to deliver the voice of the revolution to global media organizations.

•Sending reports and studies in different languages to politicians, journalists, and other relevant institutions.

•Translating media and video materials that expose the repressive practices of the regime against the Syrian people.

•Demonstrate through all media and legal means that the Syrian regime lost its legitimacy.

Recommendations in the political field:

•Approaching all political parties and blocs as well as Arab and non-Arab states to explain what is occurring in Syria

•Communicating with relevant international institutions to issue condemnation resolutions of violence and oppression perpetrated by the regime against our people in Syria.

•Organizing protests, sit-ins and other events to rally the world’s public opinion against the serious violations committed by the Syrian regime.

•Highlighting the activities of Syrians outside Syria and communicating it to groups inside Syria in order to reinforce the roots of the revolution until it reaches its goals.

Recommendations in the legal field:

•Forming a legal committee to deal with the legal file and human rights violations.

•Authenticating and documenting criminal offenses committed by the regime and its heads and file law suits against them in front of specialized courts in different countries.

•Working immediately to take the Syrian file to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

•Forming a committee of specialized Syrian attorneys to document violations and prepare legal studies to better categorize criminal dimensions according to international law.

•Demanding international organizations and human rights groups to form truth finding commissions.Participants also expressed their satisfaction of the atmosphere that filled the conference sessions marked by frank, responsible and national dialogue. This enabled participants to achieve important resolutions which require everyone to work for its implementation by exerting all efforts and resources to support the revolution of Syrian youth towards a free and dignified Syria.

Participants also call all political, religious, trade union, national and media forces to align with the truth and avoid anything that incites religious or sectarian sentiments or conflict towards what furthers national unity and reinforces internal strength in the face of abuse, killing and displacement perpetrated by the current regime.

A Tribute and reverence to our fallen heroes, a speedy recovery for the wounded, and freedom for our steadfast prisoners.

A greeting of pride and honour to all the heroic Syrians who participated in the Revolution.

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