CMWU: The water situation in Gaza reached a critical stage

CMWU: The water situation in Gaza reached a critical stage

GAZA — Director of coastal municipality water utility (CMWU) Mundher Shiblak warned Saturday that the current water situation in the Gaza Strip reached a critical stage, adding that Gaza water is no longer suitable for human consumption.

Shiblak added that the water deficit in Gaza aquifers amounted to more than 80 million cubic meters last year, expecting that during the next few years the current water sources would be depleted in Gaza.

As a result of the tight Israeli blockade, the Gaza Strip suffers from a severe shortage of the necessary resources for the maintenance of its infrastructure especially in the field of water.

In another context, the Movement of Hamas visited during the last three days 130,111 Palestinian homes in the context of its social campaign intended for distributing boxes of candies to all Gaza homes as an expression of love for the citizens and in appreciation of their steadfastness in the face of the Israeli siege and aggression.

Iyad Al-Bazm, one of the campaign organizers, stated Saturday that this campaign will reach out to everyone in Gaza regardless of his political affiliation and is aimed to bring joy to their hearts and alleviate some of their suffering under the Israeli siege.

He said that the campaign was widely welcomed by Gaza people and would continue until visiting all homes in the Strip.

A delegation of Hamas also visited on Saturday ex-detainee in Israeli jails Younis Hussein in Al-Zawaida area, central Gaza, to congratulate him on his release after 22 years behind bars.

The Fatah-affiliated ex-detainee and his family welcomed the delegation and expressed their happiness for this visit.