Commentary by Muslim Brotherhood Acting Chairman Dr Mahmoud Ezzat

Commentary by Muslim Brotherhood Acting Chairman Dr Mahmoud Ezzat

Praise be to God, who enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to stand firm for Islam, for its call and the Egyptian people’s Revolution, and enabled the group’s Chairman (Dr Mohamed Badie) to make this short and focused speech, which was reported by some media outlets, and shared and reposted by many. We do hope the message gets through.

About the Muslim Brotherhood’s steadfastness and commitment to its faith and principles, its Chairman said: We are ready and willing to give up our lives, our everything… but not our faith, our Islam.

Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood’s political and legal position, Dr Badie said: We support the law, Sharia and legitimacy… and President Morsi is the legitimate elected President.

As for the group’s struggle, resistance and revolutionary vision, he said: The Egyptian people will continue their peaceful Revolution… Our motto remains "Our non-violence is more powerful than bullets".

About the Brotherhood’s position on the bloodshed, Dr Badie said: The group is innocent of the blood spilled ever since the January 2011 Revolution… The military regime is the only party that spilled Egyptians’ blood.

On the position of the Brotherhood toward the military junta and those who collaborated or allied with it, the group’s leader said: We will all meet before the Divine Court of Justice… God will avenge us. He will exact retribution upon all the unjust and the despots.

Then, the judge stopped Dr Badie, ordered him out of the courtroom. This was one session of a zillion sham lawsuits in which the public prosecutor cannot find no incriminating evidence of any kind, except his challenge of the illegitimate traitorous coup – as the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman – with the peaceful Revolution with the words: "Our Revolution is peaceful; and will remain peaceful… Our non-violence is stronger than their treacherous bullets".

In a few minutes, the Muslim Brotherhood leader conveyed to the Muslim nation meaningful messages to live out with pilgrims in those blessed Hajj and Eid Al-Adha days.

God will not forsake us, ever… As Ishmael’s mother said when Abraham left her and her baby in a barren valley, with only a handful of dates and a water skin.

Indeed, God will not abandon our brothers in Syria although the whole world – East and West – has abandoned its humanity, empowered the murderer and punished the victim. God will not abandon our steadfast brothers in Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh and the rest of the Muslim nation, in their struggle, or revolutions. God will not abandon our steadfast brothers in Jerusalem in their resistance to the Zionist occupation.

Now, revolutionaries, rebels and freedom-fighters across the Muslim nation must steel their resolve, truly commit to their revolt, unite their efforts, pull the nation around them, cooperate in matters they are agreed upon, and tolerate one another where they disagree. We all must endeavor like Hagar, Ishmael’s mother, who did all she could with whatever little resources she had.