Commenting on the Statement by the Syrian Ministers of Information and Interior

Commenting on the Statement by the Syrian Ministers of Information and Interior

The Syrian Interior Minister had declared his ministry’s determination to deal firmly and decisively with what he called on Monday "all action aimed to undermine the homeland and the citizens’ security."
Also, the Syrian Information Minister had previously expressed the same position voiced by his colleague in charge of Interior affairs when he talked about the existence of "armed organizations that are terrorizing citizens in Jesr el-Shoghour area."

We, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, wish to assure the Arab and the international public opinion regarding the peaceful and patriotic nature of the Syrian revolt, and we see the statements of the ministers of information and interior as nothing but an input made to justify further acts of repression and murder against the innocent citizens.

We appeal to our compatriots in all the cities and towns and we ask them not to be provoked by these suspicious statements and accusations, and demand them to adhere – in all circumstances – to the peaceful nature of their national revolution. We demand them to refuse to be dragged into the machinations of the enemies of this revolution who wish to provoke it into becoming violent, and thus aborting this revolution and cut the road that leads to its victory.

Once again, we emphasize that the secret for the strength of this revolution is in its peacefulness and its uniqueness stems from its genuine patriotism.

In light of the insistence of the regime to be the adversary, the witness, and the arbitrator regarding what is taking place on the homeland front, we reject all allegations claiming the existence of organizations and armed groups attacking the people of Syria. We consider such claims as nothing but an excuse to carry out more acts of violence and murder against the people by the legitimacy-losing regime. We hold this regime as the only party responsible for every drop of blood spilled on the grounds of Syria.

We affirm the sanctity of the national blood, and that the killers are only those Syrian security services and their gangs who are only united in killing the peaceful Syrian protesters despite the disharmony and disputes spread among these brutal forces.

We stand in solidarity with every drop of blood being shed in Syria, and we consider the civil peace as a red line, not forgiving whomever goes beyond it whatever the circumstances.

We deplore all the calls that would be responsible for the introduction of the Syrian homeland into a state of civil war, regardless of the destination and address of such a war.

We call upon the Syrian people at large to group together and strengthen their solidarity and cooperate within the framework of their peaceful revolution to put an end to the regime’s policies and its method of carrying out exclusive operations in the cities and towns of the country, as it did in "Deraa", "Doma", "Banias", "Talbeisah", "al-Rastan" and "Hamah" as well as what is happening today in "Jesr el-Shoghour" of tragic massacres.

We condemn the policies of repression and the systematic murder, which is so far the only method adopted by the Syrian regime to deal with the national will and the youth aspiring to freedom, dignity and demanding justice and equality.

We hold the League of Arab States and the international community responsible for the silence and indifference towards the ongoing massacres and crimes against the Syrian people who are peaceful and defenseless.

We have already seen the courageous city of Jesr el-Shoghour witnessing in the 1980’s a horrendous massacre at the hands of the forces of this regime, and today, this city is facing another massacre like the one faced earlier by the sister city "Hama".

The regime insists on this repressive extermination-oriented approach, and thus it is held – before Allah Almighty and the people – responsible for all the consequences that this approach will entail on Syria and its people.

May Allah Almighty protect Syria, its people and its lands, and we pray to Allah to give victory to the young people of Syria who are aspiring to freedom, justice and decent life.