Committee announces rerun of student union after its dissolution

Committee announces rerun of student union after its dissolution

In conformity with the January 25 principles to instil transparency and justice Ahmed Gamal Eldin Mousa newly appointed education minister, has confirmed that The Egyptian Higher Council of Universities dissolved all student unions in all the 20 public universities.

The council is expected to conduct new elections no later than 60 days from the union’s dissolution.
In October 2010 student union elections as per norm were marred with violations.Most students, affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, were unjustly disqualified from the list of candidates where NDP-affiliated students were hand-picked by security bodies to win the polls. Most cases went uncontested.
According to the university administrators MB and non NDP candidates were disqualified since according to the student charter, they did not meet nomination requirements, of a "good reputation”.

A charter established in 1979 and amended in 2007 was used to shut out both leftist and MB applicants who participate in protests and other activities they interpreted by the university as provocative.

Student unions have normally played an extensive role in many political upheavals since the 20th Century which have effectively changed the course of Egypt’s history including the 1919 Revolution against British occupation and the 1971-73 campus-based demonstrations which had called for Egypt go to war with Israel.

The council has also decided to hold a dialogue with the university professors to discuss amending or changing the law regulating universities, issued in 1971 which discussed wages. The committee is to form criteria for professors’ wages according to their productivity.

A decision has also been made concerning the commencement of university following a three break, and it has been determined that the second term will begin March 5.