Complaints to the Ministers of Justice and Interior

Complaints to the Ministers of Justice and Interior

Ikhwan online

Bader el-Dean, the Moslem Brotherhood nominee in Ashmon district, of el-Monofyia governorate, who will run of reelection on Nov.15th, made urgent complaints to the Egyptian minister of justice, to the interior minister, the general manger of the State Security, the head of the Supreme Electoral Supervisory Commission, and the secretary general of the Egyptian Organization for Human Right.


In these grievances, el-Dean charges officers of the State Security in Ashmon with abusing their power by putting pressure over the mayors and the residents of the villages of the district in order to stop supporting El-Dean in the reelection, due to be held on Nov.15th. El-Dean hints to police threats of preventing the voters to cast votes.


El-Dean reports also terrifying measures taken by the police against the residents; a situation which contradicts with the security impartiality claimed by the government. He, in addition, mentions the names of the charged officers.


It is worth noting that the officers of the State Security of Ashmon has shot el-Dean’s supporters and has left one dead, during 2000 election.