Conditioned Democracy

EU is threatening to stop financial help PA
NO to Hamas even through ballot-boxes
 EU foreign relations and security chief, Javier Solana, declared in no where else than Tel Aviv, that if Palestinian resistance organization, Hamas, wins elections then there will be no more financial assistance to the Palestinian authority.
Solana was repeating Zionist and US threats, Sylvan Shalom, Zionist foreign minister threatened: “Israel conceder’s that the participation of Hamas in Palestinian elections contradicts its interests(!!!), and it shall do what is necessary to counter act that, especially imposing restrictions on Palestinian movement during elections day.” As if the Palestinians are moving  freely around in ordinary days; so as to put extra ordinary restrictions during elections.
On his part Javier Solana threatened about the repercussion of Hamas’s winning the elections before declaring its abandoning “violence” (namely resistance to occupation) and recognizes the Zionist entity. Solana was repeating the threats of the two allies the US and the Zionist entity.
Solana like George W. Bush and his aids and Zionist officials were putting conditions on elections, the first and most important mean to achieve and implement democracy. As if there are different standards for applying democracy: The place where elections are to take place and who to elect and whom to be elected.
If a political party or organization win parliamentary elections that these parties, the Us, the Zionist entity and the European Union, does not approve of its ideology and mode of rule, then there will be no more financial assistance to the Palestinian authority!!!
Is it a must to lay conditions on who is to elect and whom is to be elected, and disqualify a party or an armed resistance organization against an enemy, an occupier that uses armed power to enforce their illegal occupation and colonizing the occupied land??? This enemy is the occupier, the Zionist entity that occupied Palestine by means of terror organizations, which was continued by state terrorism. This state that had been continuously extending its occupation of Palestinian and other Arab land, by means of terrorism and extreme and organized violence for what was left of Palestine +, as if there is any part of it not yet colonized. Only few weeks ago the prime minister of the occupying entity declared that the occupation of Jerusalem, 58% of the West Bank (the blocks of colonies) and the Golan Heights is eternal! This means is to try to make life impossible for Palestinians and thus decide to abandon their homes and land… Which shall never happen.
Let us for argument sake say that Palestinian Arabs recognize the legality of the Zionist entity’s occupation and colonizing Palestinian land and the uprooting of Palestinians from their land and homes, did the occupier colonizer abandon violence, occupation and colonizing what ever little land is left, and of course recognize the existence of Palestinian Arabs as a people, and their rights in their land to be reciprocated?