Conference in Gharbeya Gathers all political powers for al-Aqsa

Conference in Gharbeya Gathers all political powers for al-Aqsa


The Muslim Brotherhoob bloc in Gharbeya governorate organized a mass conference, on 29.10.09 at the Doctors Syndicate headquarters in Gharbeya, in solidarity with al-Aqsa under the title “al-Aqsa is our Mosque not your structure”.

The conference was attended by various organizations  including political powers, trade unions, writers and journalists. MrLashin Abu Shanab, member of the MB Guidance Bureau, Mr al-Sayed al- Nafad, Head of the MB administrative office in Gharbeya, Dr. Mostafa al-Ghonemi (Secretary-General of the Doctor’s Syndicate in Gharbeya), Fayez Hammouda (representative of the Coordination Committee between political powers in Gharbeya) and Abdel Hakam Abdel Mageed Gameel (Head of Traders in Gharbeya and representative of Trade Unions) were among those who attended along with representatives of al-Wafd party and a number of journalists including Ibrahim Issa (Editor-in-Chief of al-Dostoor newspaper).

In a telephone conversation, Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, stressed that Arab countries are following  the same path as our enemies in regards to the Palestinian cause. Akef called on the Nation not to limit the  spreading of the Palestinian cause to the mosque since it is a matter of a whole nation and people including al-Aqsa mosque. He called active political and public powers to do its part in supporting  both the defense of al-Aqsa and the Palestinian people.

Shaikh Sayed Askar, MB emphasized the necessity of supporting al-Aqsa, while denouncing the subjugation and servility of Arab regimes to the Israeli Occupation giving an example of the Hijaz railway project which was intended to link the West and East Arab countries in a practical move towards the unity of Arabs, however the project was terminated due to external orders received by the regimes.

Askar stressesd that al-Aqsa mosque was not only beseiged by the IOF but also through the arab regimes passiveness. He emphasized that the Palestinian cause would not be solved through peaceful negotiations which proved unsuccessful during the past years, but through resistance and Jihad.

In his speech from Damascus over the phone to the conference, Mohamed Nazzal , a member of the HAMAS political bureau, stressed the importance of the support of Arabs and muslims for al-Aqsa to save it from the hands of the occupiers as he warned of the serious situation of al-Aqsa mosque and the critical situation of the Palestinian cause.

Nazzal explained that defending al-Aqsa is not limited to Arabs only, but is the responsibility of all Islamic countries to support and defend its sacredness, pointing out that the Palestinian cause is a religious cause not a national or political one.

In conclusion Lashin Abu Shanab called on every Muslim to take part in the liberation of al-Aqsa, no matter what it takes.