Conference on Security Violations Calls for a List of Torture Police

Conference on Security Violations Calls for a List of Torture Police

 Participants in the conference “Security Violations against Activists”, organized by "El-Baradei as a President Campaign” severely criticized the recent practices of security forces in Alexandria. They called for the preparation of a list including all the names of officers involved in torturing and attacking citizens.

 Abdel Rahman el-Gohary, co-coordinator of the National Association for Change (NAC) said that security forces “abandoned their main role of protecting citizens to protecting the regime and it will not change unless the regime itself changes”.

Abul Ezz el-Hariri, leader of the NAC, called for a list of police officers who attack citizens and activists in order to expose them. This was supported by participants in the conference.

Al-Hariri stated that there is no hope for the leadership of the Ministry of Interior because it was always under the state of emergency and the oldest one among them would have graduated 30 years ago, therefore, it is no surprise to find that the behavior of policemen is characterized by arrogance, assaults and attacks, and there is no possibility to think that these practices are exceptional and would decrease over time; they would, rather, increase. He also pointed out that Egyptian history did not provide for the existence of security agencies which steal the personal belongings of its citizens.

Mohamed el-Sharqawy of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) who was shot, said: "We were hanging posters at 11 pm for Mahmoud Attia, MB candidate, and found a force of informants and thugs attacking and beating us. Residents in the area tried to protect us and surrounded the informants and us, so one of the security officers pointed his gun at my head, then shot many bullets into the air and informants arrested Ali Ahmed Omar, Ayman Awad and Ammar Samy".