Confidential documents unveil PA-Israeli cooperation in kidnapping citizens

Confidential documents unveil PA-Israeli cooperation in kidnapping citizens

Confidential documents issued by the interior ministry of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Gaza revealed that Mahmoud Abbas’s militias carried out political arrests in the West Bank against Palestinian citizens in cooperation with the Israeli occupation forces (IOF).

The documents were obtained by computer hackers who managed to get into the system of one of the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank.

The first document, issued on 26/11/2009, points out that a joint patrol of IOF and Abbas’s militias carried out a raid on a West Bank village in order to kidnap a number of citizens wanted by Israel.

The same document indicates that all members of the PA security apparatuses were ordered not to tell anyone about this joint raid and keep it secret so as not be hyped by the media.

The other document includes names of detainees and reasons for their arrest such as for their affiliation with Hamas or having a quarrel with Israeli settlers.

The last document, issued on 9/12/2009, disclosed that a number of Palestinian young men were detained with the aim of preventing them from holding suspicious activities on the anniversary of Hamas’s inception.

For his part, senior Hamas official in Israeli jails Abbas Al-Sayyed called on international and local human rights organizations to play a bigger role towards the violations committed against thousands of citizens in Abbas’s jails in the West Bank.

In a leaked letter, Sayyed said that the stories of torture inside Abbas’s jails are hideous and painful, where many detainees affiliated with Hamas were killed and some others sustained permanent disability or a psychological illness.
He added that the Guardian’s report on the involvement of the CIA in torturing Hamas cadres in Abbas’s jails should prompt human rights organizations to take action towards these violations.

In a related development, Abbas’s militias kidnapped during the last two days three Palestinian citizens and summoned 50 others affiliated with Hamas in Nablus.

Abbas’s militias also kidnapped Saturday two citizens during their raid on the village of Dora, south of Al-Khalil.

For their part, Israeli troops stormed Sunday Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Al-Khalil, and kidnapped a 15-year-old boy called Ahmed Mahdi.

The Israeli troops also stormed on the same day Palestinian homes in the villages of Surif, Beit Ola, Samu’a, and Daheriya without any reported kidnappings.