Confrontations between Silwan residents and Israeli forces

Confrontations between Silwan residents and Israeli forces

 Violent confrontations were reported in Batn Al-Hawa suburb in Silwan town in occupied Jerusalem on Friday after an Israeli policeman harassed a Palestinian woman.

Locals said that Israeli forces encircled the entire town and fired tear gas and live bullets indiscriminately at Palestinian homes, as inhabitants said they could not evacuate victims of the onslaught due to the intensified presence of the soldiers who blocked medics from reaching the casualties.

The sources noted that the Israeli forces arrested Zuhair Rajabi, after surrounding his house, along with his brothers in addition to other inhabitants.

The Israeli army sent choppers after failure to contain the inhabitant’s fury as the confrontations expanded to other areas in the town.

Senior police officers, including the commander of the Jerusalem police, arrived to the scene to supervise the storming of Batn Al-Hawa as policemen used dogs to terrorize the inhabitants while preventing medical and media crews from accessing the town.