• December 20, 2012
  • 2 minutes read

Constitutional Scholar Bashri: I Will Vote Yes to New National Charter

Constitutional Scholar Bashri: I Will Vote Yes to New National Charter

Justice Tariq Bashri, former chairman of Egyptian parliament’s committee on constitutional amendments and former first deputy of State Council, affirmed he will vote ‘yes’ Saturday in favor of the draft constitution in ongoing popular referendum, despite all objective criticisms and objections he has.

"I refuse to vote ‘no’ in the constitutional referendum, because  if the draft constitution is rejected, a new constituent assembly would be formed. It would then work for a year or two with the same problems and dangerous polarization that we have seen recently, with extended negative impact on stability in the street.

"I find that it is in the best interest of the country now to accept this constitution, as a prelude to finding some kind of political cooperation between different political currents, and better representation in the new parliament. Approval would also help accelerate the formation and rebuilding of state institutions and the distribution of powers in peaceful and appropriate ways. Thus, the House of Representatives will take away the legislative power now in the hands of the President.

Constitutional scholar Bashri assured that transferring current political conflicts from the street to the new parliament (or House of Representatives) would enrich the political situation in Egypt. This would also open up new avenues for dialogue and cooperation between the various parties, groups and movements in political decision-making. It would further create a stronger mechanism for government monitoring, rather than let it work in isolation from popular oversight.