Continious Violations of MB Detainees’ Rights

Continious Violations of MB Detainees’ Rights

The war in Gaza has ended, leaving behid great devastation and destruction in the Strip. That was not the only thing left by the Zionist war on Gaza, since it also left hundreds of detainees from the Group of Muslim Brotherhood who were arrested due to the incidents in Gaza during the Israeli aggression.

The number of the people detained by the State Security Investigations and the Ministery of Interior is more than 600 citizen who belong to MB from different provinces, as they all had arrest warrants with charges of “solidarity with Palestinian people”. They were arrested at the beginning of the year on 02.01.2009 from Ramsis Square in front of “Alfath” mosque and in front of “Alnour” mosque in Abbaseya.

This happened during the time in which demonstrations were spread all over Egypt condemning the Zionist massacres against Palestinian people with Arab and international silence, known, later on, as Al Fath mosque incidents and that was after the MB’s call for Muslims to protest condemning massacres Palestinians of by the Zionist entity.

The Egyptian security closed the mosque and prevented people from getting closer to it and started arresting anyone who doesn’t obey the orders. It also attacked protestors, with huge electrical sticks that caused injury to many of them that they were taken to the Railway Hospital, in violation to the law and Constitution which allows the organization of demonstrations.

Security Services had arrested nearly 2000 members of MB and sent them to the Central Cecurity Camp in Tora where they were detained for four days with no covers or food. Many of them were released after that as the State Security Investigation issued arrest warrants from the Minister of Interior for a great number of them and divided them on many prisons like Marg, Wadi Natron, Burg Alarab and Damanhour prison.

There are also nearly 73 detainees in Marg Prison in Giza with an order from the Ministry of Interior; on top of the list is the head of the Administrative Office Sayed Elnazilee, 70 detainees from Cairo , 40 from Behera governorate, 40 from Bani Souef and 77 detainees from Gharbeya governorate.

23 detainees from Damietta, 11 from Fayoum, 22 from Monofeya, 51 from Daqahleya, 17 from Ismailia, 24 from Qalyoubeya, 41 from Sharqeya, 17 from Alexandria, 12 from Kafr Sheikh and 8 detainees from Assiut.

Despite the hundreds of release decisions for MB detainees, however this did not prevent the Ministry of interior which got addicted to violate the Constitution, law and internationally recognized human rights and the poor humanitarian situation from which MB detainees suffer never ends.