Controversial Legislature Holds First Session

Controversial Legislature Holds First Session

Egypt’s People’s Assembly, held its first session today as the building was surrounded by security forces anticipating further protests, amid continued outcry over fraud and voting irregularities.

Re-elected as parliament president, Dr. Fathi Sorour won an overwhelming majority of 505 out of 506 casts voting in his favour making it the 20th consecutive year for him at this post.

During his first public address since the voting, Mubarak defended the authenticity of the incoming legislature stressing that while admittedly there were some irregularities none were serious enough to undermine the legitimacy of the electoral process. Notably ignoring the violations of the polls Mubarak added that as NDP president he was pleased with the success of the party he stressed however disappointment at the parties who chose to boycott emphasizing he would have preferred it if their efforts had not gone into arguments about boycotting the vote.

In protest to the parliamentary polls members of Egypt’s opposition announced the formation of a parallel parliament, describing the legislature dominated by the ruling National Democratic Party illegitimate. The parallel parliament, unveiled was in protest to the opening of the official People’s Assembly.

The parliament will consist of 118 former MPs and opposition leaders from all walks and trends who purposely set aside ideological differences and united in the call for peaceful, political reform. Former MP from the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Beltagy asserted that the elections were invalid, the results were invalid and hence everything that followed is void and lacks legitimacy.

Former MP Mustafa commented that the former MP’s will establish a legitimate parliament which includes all the parliamentary, political and legal figures that have won the Egyptian people’s confidence. He added “We will operate as if we are actual MPs; the only difference is that we will present our decisions to the media and the people."