Convoy Update: Ambulances and Medical Aids to Gaza

Convoy Update: Ambulances and Medical Aids to Gaza

As part of its activities, The European Campaign to End the Siege in Gaza (ECESG), is restlessly preparing, in race against time, a convoy of medical aid to Gaza.


A convoy of tens of trucks, which has been widely received, will be going to Gaza to support the besieged people. Several European NGO”s, MPs and individuals announced they are going to participate in “Hope For Gaza Convoy”

Khaled yousef, representative of the convoy in Sweden said that some Arabic and Islamic associations donated several trucks containing wheelchairs and medical equipments for the People of Gaza, along with  2 ambulances.


 In the United Kingdom, Birmingham city will send a number of doctors and medical specialists to help Palestinians in Gaza. Also, four trucks of strongly needed medications and medical equipments. Many Individual and human right activists will join the convoy. UK participants will leave late in April to Italy where the convoy is gathering.


The number of medical vehicles and ambulances has so far come to 12. It’s expected that more will be included to the convoy.  The dozens of trucks will be loaded with medical items and equipments for disabled children from the latest Israeli war in Gaza. 


“We have got tens of requests from people to join the  convoy from across Europe. People are yearning to visit Gaza to give a helping hand for the crushed besieged people over there. ECESG will give priority for doctors, human rights activists and journalists in the first place. Ramy Abdu, convoy coordinator said.


In the official level, around 10 European and British MPs are expected to participate in the convoy. According to Abdu, some more might join in the next few days.


In the meantime, some trucks and vans have already arrived into Italy, Milan from many European countries. The rest would arrive in couple of days as the convoy will move as scheduled early in May from Milan then Alexandria then Gaza.