Coptic Academic Urges Christians to Support Revolution and Brotherhood Candidate Morsi

Coptic Academic Urges Christians to Support Revolution and Brotherhood Candidate Morsi

Coptic academic Dr. Nagy Naguib, member of the General Secretariat of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Sharqiya province, assured that Copts are an integral part of the Egyptian people and the fabric of society.

“Copts will not stray from the general discourse of the Egyptian people, who stand firmly with Dr. Morsi against the remnants of the old corrupt regime. The voice of extremism from both sides will have no active role in the management of the country in post-revolution Egypt.”

Naguib explained that Morsi has allayed Coptic fears in more than one meeting, expressing his confidence that many Christians will vote for Dr. Morsi in the run-off.

He stressed that the orientations of the Egyptian people is predominantly pro-Morsi, especially since justice is a fundamental component in Morsi’s platform. He asserted that Morsi does not call for a religious state, but a civil state with Islamic reference.

“Islamic reference does not frighten, neither Copts nor Muslims. Indeed, Copts have no problem with Islamic values. The Egyptian Church is not inclined towards a particular candidate. In fact, Bishop Bakhomious announced that he will punish clerics who directed or instructed Christians to elect Shafiq or any other specific presidential candidate.

Naguib further affirmed his whole-hearted support for Morsi because he will be the President of all Egyptians, a voice of moderation in the Islamic movement, capable of leading Egypt in the next phase and restoring stability, prosperity, security and safety to the Egyptian street.

Additionally, Naguib explained that Morsi was right at the heart of the revolution, and he presides over a powerful project for the rejuvenation and renaissance of Egypt, that his actions are carefully studied based on institutional, rather than individual values and principles, that he is a university professor who has his weight in university life, and that he has sophisticated administrative skills.