• August 2, 2010

Coptic Bishop slams ElBaradei’s tactics

Coptic Bishop slams ElBaradei’s tactics

A recent statement by Father Moussa, the bishop of youth for the Coptic Orthodox Church, cited criticism against former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei who has emerged recently on the political scene. He accused ElBaradei of lacking any form of agenda which would render him different from other political parties currently on the political scene in Egypt .

 Father Moussa emphasized his belief during the first conference held for young Egyptians Abroad that ElBaradei should join an existing political party before pushing for constitutional reform and political amendments. He also agreed to statements made by NDP Secretary for organizational affairs Ahmed Ezz, that described ElBaradei as his own ‘obstacle to success’.

The Coptic Orthodox Church has been known  to support members of the current regime. In fact Pope Shenouda III, the Church’s head, has previously called on Gamal Mubarak the 47 year old son of President Mubarak to succeed his father.

According to analysts the objection to ElBaradei stems from the Church’s belief that ElBaradei has engaged in making alliances with the popular Muslim Brotherhood prior to the parliamentary elections slated for October and the Presidential in 2011.  ElBaradei has asserted that he will cooperate with all parties who support constitutional changes and the political oppositions and the MB have previously voiced their demands that there be changes. His call for change has been interpreted in the launching of an online petition on the NAC and MB websites and has in fact collected over 300,000 signatures alone on the MB website and a total of 378,000 combined signatures from both websites