Coptic Candidate Accuses NDP of Politically Assassinating Christians

A Coptic candidate who ran for the last week Shura elections accused the National Democratic Party of stuffing fabricated ballots for the NDP candidate Mohamed Abdul Samie, leading to his defeat in the elctions.
Nadi  Ishak Nakhla, the Coptic Shura election candidate for the constituency of East Cairo , accused the National Democratic Party (NDP) of stuffing fabricated ballots for the NDP candidate Mohamed Abdul Samie in the City of Al-Salam And Al-Nuzha.
He said he was leading his rival in the vote count till 2.00. he garnered 16000 votes, more than one thousand votes more than the NDP rival. But after stuffed ballot boxes were brought to Al-Nuzha constituency, the rival garnered more votes.
Nakhla pointed out that the NDP’s attitude towards the Copts is just a hollow speech to improve its ugly face in front of the international community. The Copts has nor real role in the NDP which hasn’t fielded any Coptic candidate in the elections .
“Muslim voters in Heliopolis constituency backed me in the rigged elections because they know that I can be of good benefit for them if I garnered a Shura Council seat” said the Coptic candidate.
“Why does the NDP say it isn’t against the Copts while it rigged elections to make Copt candidate unjustly fail” wondered Nakhla, adding that the NDP claimed that the Copts’ public rating is weak in constituency while I garnered 16 thousand votes in a constituency that includes only five thousand Coptic votes.
Nakhla demanded establishing a secular political party for the Copts to avoid the attemps of political assassination committed every elections by the ruling National Democratic Party.
A groups of Christians in a neighborhood, east of Cairo , organized a campaign to support the Coptic candidate Nadi Ishak Nakhla after the NDP excluded him from the Electoral College and chose candidate Mohamed Abdul Samie for the constituency of Heliopolis instead of him.
Nakhla stressed that residents, specially Muslims, of the constituency of east of Cairo love him so much and supported him the 2005 legislative elections ( more than nine Muslims voted for him).
He said that he decided to run for the Shura Elections because he felt injustice after he was excluded by the party. He challenged the NDP which fired any dissident member who runs abs independent .
Mamdouh Nakhla, the manager of Al-Kalima (Speech) human rights centre, revealed on the eve of the Shura Council elections that Nadi Ishak faced pressures from the ruling NDP and government in 2005 legislative elections when he reached a runoff and was obliged to concede for the NDP candidate.

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