Coptic Intellect: MB Wants Civil State Which Offers Copts their Rights, Freedom and Justice

Coptic Intellect: MB Wants Civil State Which Offers Copts their Rights, Freedom and Justice

A campaign to discredit the moderate visions of the MB began in Egypt after the curtailment of the statement made by Dr Mahmoud Ezzat, deputy chairman of the MB on what the campaign called “seeking Islamic rule” and the application of punishments. This caused concern within political and religious groups in Egypt despite the attempts of Dr. Ezzat to clarify the allegations made by the campaign. He confirmed out that he has resorted to the courts to face these allegations while calling on everyone to work for the advancement of Egypt.

Ikhwanweb asked Dr. Rafiq Habib, a Coptic thinker, about his opinions on these allegations. According to Habib “The political vision of the MB is based on establishing an Islamic civil state based on Islamic references; hence, authority will be based on the good principles of Sharia.” He added he believed that when it comes to the application of Islamic law, the MB will apply it the same as any other any law gradually way and in accordance with the circumstances.

He stressed that “The statements of the MB always prioritise freedom, justice and consultation in its political plans”. Dr. Habib said that the application of punishments is related to the establishment of a society that has no poverty and a state that is characterized by justice. He also stated that the application of Sharia is applied to all Muslims and agreed upon by the MB and Al-Azhar Institution.

He rejected the idea that the MB would have another face, pointing out that the MB has been talking for years about establishing a civil state which will ensure full rights for the Copts. He also denied the allegations on the suspension of the dialogue between the Church and the MB following these statements, stating that "The church did not begin a dialogue for it to be suspended; the dialogues which took place were between the public Copts and groups of the Muslim Brotherhood”.

About one of the concerns Copts have about these statements, Dr. Habib commented that "The Copts’ vision about the Islamic law is confused; they think that Islamic law is against them due to the actions of some extremist Islamic groups. Most Copts believe that Islamic law will make them second-class citizens and that they would be barred from building churches and enjoying their rights but this is not true”.

Dr. Habib called on Copts to take on a moderate understanding of the MB and Al-Azhar institution so as to see the reality of the Islamic civil project which he explained will always be in favour of their legitimate rights.