Court Cancels Parliament Elections Results In Two Districts

The Cassation Court Thursday nullified the parliamentary election results of Nasr City and Misr al Gadida constituencies. The court cited irrefutable evidences  that the election process was marred by many serious irregularities including rigging the election in favor of the NDP candidates, in addition to violations the of law on exercising political rights.

The court also affirmed that the ballot papers were seen thrown on the streets outside the polling stations  when they were supposed to be in the hand of the polling station chairman, in addition to illegal acts including  vote buying and collective voting. 

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Makarem el Dairy, MB candidate who achieved a sweeping win before the final results were altered in favor of the government’s candidate, said that she personally doesn’t expect this law to be enforced in a country whose parliament considers itself as the master of its decision.”  As with previous court rulings, it is expected that the government will ignore the court orde

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