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  • January 10, 2010
  • 3 minutes read

Court Confirms Ban on “Fully Veiled” Students

Court Confirms Ban on “Fully Veiled” Students

Cairo: The Administrative Judiciary Court on Sunday issued a decision that confirms universities will ban female students, “who wear the full veil that covers the face,” from entry to sit mid-year exams. The court rejected veiled students’ demands to cancel the resolution, implemented by the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Hany Helal, which was issued by judge Khalil Ibrahim, vice chairman of the State Council.

The court said that the decision to prevent the entry of veiled students was not intended to restrict the freedom of students or as revenge on them for personal reasons, but it is for public interest reasons identified by the universities.

The court emphasized that there is no harm for  girls to unveil their faces during the performance of  tests and examinations as long as it is temporary in duration.

For his part, Nizar Ghorrab, the lawyer representing the veiled students, has decided to appeal the decision in the Supreme Administrative Court.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Right, on the same day, expressed its regret for the issuance of the recent court ruling that forces students to take off their veil during examinations. The Initiative, in a statement, said that university administrations have resorted to the most radical measures under the pretext of combating cheating in exams.

Meanwhile, students have expressed their willingness to reveal their faces and submit to a self-inspection procedure at the beginning of each exam.