• MB News
  • June 30, 2008
  • 3 minutes read

Court Refuses Prosecution Appeal to Release Emad el-Din

Court Refuses Prosecution Appeal to Release Emad el-Din

Cairo Criminal Court has refused the appeal filed by the prosecution today against the release warrant in favor of Dr. Muhammad Emad al-Deen businessman and a leading figure of the Muslim Brotherhood at al-Qalyobiah governorate.


Emad has been detained and charged with being a member of an outlawed group and collaborating with Dr. Faramawi to support Hamas.


Yesterday, North Cairo Criminal Court ordered Emad released. However the prosecution appealed the release decision today. This is the fourth release decision for him.


Emad was detained by the state security forces on Wednesday April 2 after participating in the protest against denying the MB candidates from running for the recent local elections. They jailed him for 15 days without any legal reason and eventually decided to bring him together with Dr. Faramawi’s case; Faramawi has been released since June 8.