Court Rulings Order Egyptian Authorities Accept Alex. MBs’ Candidacy Papers

Salah Nouman, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate for Shura Council elections in Alexandria, got, along with three other candidates, four court rulings ordering the administrative authority to accept their papers to run for seats in the Shura Council elections in Alexandria.

The Administrative Court in Alexandria issued this ruling on Saturday May, 19th, 2007, headed by judge Mohamed Ramadan Al Taramsi.

The four Muslim Brotherhood candidates in Alexandria filed a lawsuit against the head of a committee that receives the nomination papers for the Shura Council elections because he didn’t make them present their papers and put hurdles in front of them in particular to prevent them from running for these elections. The court session heard the lawsuit on Saturday and upheld the nominees’ lawsuits No 17870, 17871, 17872, 17873 of the year 61 judicial .

For his part, Khalaf Bayyoumi, Muslim Brotherhood lawyer in Alexandria, said that this ruling proves the fairness of the Egyptian justice .

Bayyoumi added, in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the security exercises against MB candidates and preventing them from fielding their nomination papers show clearly that the Egyptian regime plans to rig the coming Shura Council elections and to prevent any opposition candidates, specially the Muslim Brotherhood from winning .

Bayyoumi demanded the Egyptian authorities to implement the court rulings and receive the nomination papers of the Muslim Brotherhood candidates .

It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian authorities prevented many Muslim Brotherhood candidates, mostly from governorates of Alexandria, Al-Gharbiya and Monofiya, from fielding their nomination papers to run for the Shura Council elections.
The Egyptian authorities arrested a Muslim Brotherhood candidates in Gharbiya and was released later. The lawyer of another Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Monofiya was assaulted and the candidacy papers were stolen from him.