Court Upholds Gov’t Appeal Against Suspending MB Military Trials

The Supreme Administrative Court upheld the Egyptian government appeal against the Administrative Court ruling of halting referring Muslim Brotherhood leaders to the military justice
The Supreme Administrative Court, headed by judge Essamuddin Abdul Aziz, and membership of judge Ahmed Abboud, judge Mohamed Kamal Monir and judge Mohamed Mahmoud, upheld an appeal lodged by the State Judicial Department against the Administrative Court ruling of halting referring Muslim Brotherhood leaders to the military justice.
No Change, No Adjourn

The court upheld the appeal and rejected the defense request of changing the court because some of its judges hold consultative positions in some ministers and in the presidency .
It refused the defense request to adjourn the session till the defendants (the Muslim Brotherhood leaders) bring a number of the lawyers to defend them .
Politically Motivated

For his part, Adul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud, the Muslim Brotherhood lawyer in the case, told Ikhwanweb that this will not be first or the last ruling against the Muslim Brotherhood; ” The Muslim Brotherhood will continue in its course; this ruling will not shake our trust in the Egyptian justice” he said.
Abdul Maqsood confirmed that:” We are facing a politically motivated case that lacks all legal procedures: we are now in front of a political conflict between the authoritarian regime and the Muslim Brotherhood; this political conflict won’t be settled by the justice; the Egyptian citizen will settle this crisis .”
Lawyer Mostafa Atiya, a member of the defence team, said:” This ruling has unfortunately been expected from this unjust and corrupt regime; the judge received a ready made ruling before hearing the case; he didn’t give us the chance to speak; the judges has come on a day other than the specified date to rule in a case in a judicial department other than his judicial department.
The Egyptian regime has had a chance to restore the devastated trust between it and the society and to beautify its distorted face in front of the public; the regime’s loss today is actually bigger that the Muslim Brotherhood’s” he said.
Regime Plays Open Game

When asked about the reactions of the families of the detainees, Mostafa stated that they were expecting this unjust ruling because the regime doesn’t respect law or constitution. Legally speaking, the detainees should have been released after the decision of referring them to a military justice was overturned. However, the regime continues giving a deaf ear to laws even in the simplest rights.
Mostafa pointed out that he asked an Egyptian security official: Why do you want to distort your regime?.
He replied to me” we have won a round (referring to the court ruling of upholding the government appeal).
 I asked him:” are you dealing with the destinies of the Egyptian people as if your in a football match??!!”
“We are playing an open game” he replied blatantly.


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